Our APIs were created to enable developers to build applications that integrate PhotoShelter's powerful features. Here, you’ll find documentation to get you started using our APIs.

API Version 4 - Our latest REST API features OAuth, JSON:API responses, method overriding, caller controllable output formatting, a rich ecosystem for request bundling (includes), and thorough documentation.

API Version 3 - For legacy projects.


Open source and more.

tripod-hero-marquee - A web component-based element for displaying a hero image/video/graphic/color overlaid with text.

generator-polymer-init-element-scaffold - A Yeoman generator for building out web components.

ScrollStream - A jQuery plugin for making UI-correct, infinite scroll grids with fixed footprints.


PhotoShelter is a leader in visual media technology that helps photographers and creative teams work effortlessly and engage audiences instantly - all while maintaining the integrity of their content. Across our platform of SaaS products, we manage over 750 million visual assets for 80,000 professional photographers and over 1,200 large brands, including universities, pro sports teams, corporate and consumer brands, and leading nonprofits. We were built by and for creative people, and we’re committed to celebrating and supporting creative work.

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